Trump's Bible-Thumping Grifters

Well this is very exciting and terrible!

I didn’t plan to send out more than one email a week, but Home with the Armadillo is my party and this is my first-ever byline in the New York Times, so I’ll make an exception.

The gist: In their crusade against Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are poised to recreate on a national scale an anti-abortion scam that recently skidded to an ignominious stop in Texas. (When Molly Ivins called Texas the “national laboratory for bad government,” she was simply stating facts.)

The tl;dr -

For years, conservatives have claimed to want to run government “like a business,” getting the public used to the idea that anyone but the government should run government programs. Now, we know who “anyone” is: those who espouse extreme right-wing beliefs on sexuality and regressive views of what it means to be an American family.

Discrimination is intended be a feature, not a bug, of public services under the Trump-Pence administration. As we have seen in Texas, when providers who are best equipped to deliver health care services are replaced by ideologues who are more interested in biblical signs than vital signs, it will be low-income people, communities of color, and L.G.B.T.Q. folks who pay the price — literally, with their tax dollars, and bodily, as providers deny care according to their religious whims.

I really hope you read the whole thing and share it widely. My ass is maximally chapped by these money-grubbing charlatans, by which I mean Carol Everett and Kathleen Eaton Bravo, of course, but also Donald Trump and Mike “Mother May I” Pence. The whole lot ought to get jacked up and a new one run underneath.

Happy Monday! Fuck ‘em up this week, y’all.