Home with the Armadillo

A thing about Texas, feminism, and yelling on the Internet.

I am Andrea Grimes — Texan, sometimes journalist, all the time shill for reproductive justice, Bloody Mary aficionado, and patio enthusiast. Maybe you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram. Maybe you know me as the founder of the Taco or Beer Challenge abortion fundraiser. Once upon a time I was the digital editor and a columnist at the Texas Observer, and I also covered Texas politics and reproductive health, rights, and justice in the South for Rewire News.

This is Home with the Armadillo, a newsletter-bloggy-shebang I am doing so I can yell at length and in detail on the internet, my favorite thing to do. You may imagine me writing this from my home office, pictured here:

This photo is very large and I cannot find a way to make it smaller on this platform, nor add a caption, and I am annoyed by this. But at least you can get a very clear idea of how much my dog hates the splash pad.

Soon I will write more. I have in mind to address guns, gun culture, and toxic white masculinity, specifically some of the extremely dipshit things Greg Abbott has said recently, and also this appalling yayhooery from Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw.

I don’t initially intend to put anything behind a paywall, as I find the pressure to produce for paying customers, and the attendant (reasonable!) expectations they have for quality and type of content, significantly diminishes the pleasure I take in writing. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever, but for now, nah.

In the meantime, Substack wishes me to implore you to tell your friends about Home with the Armadillo, so I hope you do that — and subscribe yourself.