The Bearcat's low tolerance for canine fuckery became the stuff of legend, while behind the scenes he changed the cuddling game for humans and felines…
The awful uncertainty of trying to know, or trying to know how to know, when to say goodbye.
Plus: Florida's six-week abortion ban moves a step closer to becoming law
Plus: Public universities censor faculty and students in Idaho and Indiana for abortion speech
Plus: TX Republicans move to criminalize online abortion info, credit card purchases of medication abortion
My survey of nearly 500 writers and over 2,100 bylines shines a light on diversity — or more often a lack thereof — in Texas magazine journalism.

February 2023

Plus: Support for legal abortion in the U.S. has more than doubled since 2010.
Plus: Trans justice is abortion justice
Plus: Biden said 'abortion' in the State of the Union address and basically no one is thrilled about it
Being right is for woke betas1!!1!1!!!!
Plus: I'm begging y'all to stop posting about legally risky abortion activism

January 2023

What if I want to find myself in a Target?